Servant’s Code is here to help your parish build digital community to compliment the real-world relationships already at the heart of parish life. This means that parishioners feel as welcome and connected with the community of your parish online as they do in real-life. When the online and the real-life communities become one, parishioners feel more connected to the parish, its people, and its activities. We believe this digital community is built from the ground up with powerful, beautiful, easy to use tools which your staff, ministry leads, and parishioners want to use.


The parish office is the command center of your parish. The work your staff does on a daily basis is essential to the healthy functioning of your parish. Whether it’s coordinating faith formation, scheduling upcoming events, or managing the financial health of your parish they need the tools to do their jobs well and efficiently. The less time they spend on the computer, the more time they have to work on their ministry!

Our Parish Operations Center solutions help them to do all their daily work more effectively and efficiently.


The ministries of your parish are the front lines of evangelization, formation and community life. Through parish ministries, parishioners have the opportunity to use their time and talents to further the life and outreach of the parish. Empowering ministry leadership to recruit, organize and communicate with their volunteers can further their mission, and engage parishioner more deeply into the life of the parish.

Our Ministry Management toolkit (coming soon) empowers ministries to engage parishioners more effectively and seamlessly coordinate with the parish office.


Your parishioners are the life of your parish and engaging them in the communal life of the parish is the ultimate objective of the digital parish community. By engaging them in digital community through their ministries and interactions with the parish office they will be more apt to see themselves as part of the community of the parish.

This is what Servant’s Code is here to help your parish do.


At Servant’s Code we believe that parish life is the heart of Christian living. To thrive in the modern, digital culture this requires powerful easy to use tools that streamline parish operations, empower ministries, and promote community. Servant’s Code is here to help your parish community do just that. We’re structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit because we believe in making it as affordable as possible for parishes to have access to modern software tools. In order to help keep the costs low, we have developed our software on an open source model allowing anyone who believes as we do to help us.

We are here to serve your parish!


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